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I am
a founder
an artisan
a crafts woman

I am
Catarina Poiares

My professional experience


  • Sole Crafts Woman and Owner of A Oficina dos Presentes (since 2001)

  • Professional School Profitecla (Tourism Course)

  • The Institute of Arts and Crafts of the Ricardo Espirito Santio Foundation

My history

  • I was born with physical disability (3 congenital malformations),

  • I have 15 different health problems at the moment,

  • Several hospitalizations throughout my life and i take regular medication,

  • I have reduced mobility,

  • I have a global permanent disability of 93%.

My philosophy

  • From my hands to your hands: 100% personalized, 99.9% handmade products

  • Highest quality material

  • Client first

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